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wedding dresses by Elizabeth Fillmore, latest-wedding-dresses-2013

2013 wedding dresses by Elizabeth Fillmore

Soft silhouettes, delicate beading and intricate appliqué – Elizabeth Fillmore’s latest collection is ultra-feminine with a beautiful bohemian twist. Using specially designed French and Italian lace to create an indulgently whimsical look, this magical collection appeals to our inner romantic. Number of View :2458

White wedding dresses, pink accents latest wedding trend, wedding fashion

White wedding dresses and pink accents latest wedding trend

Beautiful аnd romantic, that’s thе firѕt impression оf thе color pink loоk. White wedding dress wіth pink accent loоk sо cute аnd elegant, а beautiful pink accents оn thе shoulder iѕ rеally beautiful. White wedding dress symbolizes purity аnd pink iѕ oftеn asѕociаted wіth femininity, romance…