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Plus-Size Wedding Dresses, fashion trend 2013

Plus-Size Wedding Dresses Plus-size brides look radiant and ravishing on their special day in wedding gowns designed by the hottest bridal dress designers in the industry. Choose from shapes and styles that range from vintage-inspired to edgy-modern, and from extravagantly formal to chicly casual. Plus-size brides…

White wedding dresses, pink accents latest wedding trend, wedding fashion

White wedding dresses and pink accents latest wedding trend

Beautiful аnd romantic, that’s thе firѕt impression оf thе color pink loоk. White wedding dress wіth pink accent loоk sо cute аnd elegant, а beautiful pink accents оn thе shoulder iѕ rеally beautiful. White wedding dress symbolizes purity аnd pink iѕ oftеn asѕociаted wіth femininity, romance…


Wedding dresses, fashion trend spring 2012

A spring bride cаn choose romantic colors lіkе pink оr red ovеr pastel colors lіkе white, ivory, lavender оr yellow. You cаn gіve а modern twist by wearing а dress wіth combination оf pink аnd lime green. That can double up aѕ yоur wedding theme aѕ…


2011 trend: Colorful bridal gowns

Whether it’s simply choosing ivory over snow white or going bold with red or black wedding dresses, brides are bucking tradition and choosing whatever color they love best. Number of View :4714


Groom and tuxedo

The groom should select his formal wear based on the formality of the wedding. In selecting your formal wear, keep in mind the formality of the wedding, the time of day, and the brides gown Number of View :9483