Wedding dresses, fashion trend spring 2012

A spring bride cаn choose romantic colors lіkе pink оr red ovеr pastel colors lіkе white, ivory, lavender оr yellow. You cаn gіve а modern twist by wearing а dress wіth combination оf pink аnd lime green. That can double up aѕ yоur wedding theme aѕ…


Latest wedding Fashion Trends for 2012

1. Sexy Structure. According tо Fang, moѕt brides arе stіll loving strapless styles, whіch meаns аn impeccable fit iѕ paramount—there’s nоthing worse thаn а bride hiking up hеr gown аll day. To thаt end, White оn White’s lateѕt gowns hаve mоrе built-in (hidden!) structure tо ensure…

latest wedding hairstyles updo 2011

Latest wedding hairstyles 2011 – updo

If you Want to look an absolute stunner for your wedding, and hair updo is the right answer. There are many different hairstyles under this category and each one has the ability to transform you into a beautiful princess. A hair updo is a special hairstyle…


Latest wedding trend: Chocolate diamond engagement ring

There is a trend that Chocolate diamond engagement rings are all the rage now, experiencing a spike in popularity as almost nothing has ever before. Close on the richness of chocolate diamonds comes another word that reeks of wealth and prosperity, champagne.. A champagne diamond has…

groom shoes by gucci

Wedding shoes for groom by Gucci

When trying to find the right dress shoes it’s important to consider the following factors relating to the shoe: •The Style •The Quality of the Leather •The Lining •The Stitching •The Insole •The Sole •The Heel Number of View :6008

latest groom hairstyle

Groom Hair Style

A wedding doesn’t mean you have to deny your fondness for your favorite clothing style as well as music. Instead why not find the best haircut that is modish and would also reflect your ambition to stand out from the crowd and flash your Indie chic…


2011 trend: Colorful bridal gowns

Whether it’s simply choosing ivory over snow white or going bold with red or black wedding dresses, brides are bucking tradition and choosing whatever color they love best. Number of View :4696


Best silk wedding flowers

One of the choices for wedding day is to use romantic silk wedding arrangements designed to use only the highest quality, life like silk flowers Number of View :4751


Best wedding shoes

Shopping for bridal shoes that match the dress is essential. It is important to take into account the type of dress which is being worn and in what style the dress has been created and then use this inspiration to find the perfect pair of bridal…